Hey, I am Felix Barthel, a freelance designer living in Berlin, specialised in User Experience Design, Visual Design and conceptual work for interfaces and interactive products. I work for startups, agencies and companies locally and worldwide.
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— What can I do for you? —

I think services and digital products

I can help you to think, create and build digital products or services, based on Design Thinking Methods and a user centered design approach.

I create tangible concepts

Interactive prototypes bring your ideas to live, fast and iterative. They make your ideas provable with the first sketch and it’s the best way to communicate ideas to the team or your client.

I speak visual languages

The visual appearance is part of the language of a service and it’s crucial to find the best fitting tongue, instead of a fancy (but meaningless) surface. I am an experienced visual translator.

I like to play in teams

I worked as Team Lead and Head of Product in several startups and sticked the gap between business needs, design processes and weekly production. I want to see products come alive.

— Some of my projects —


This ‚Restaurant Mastermind‘ is a table management solution for high class restaurants with a live booking service for guests and a global marketing channel to promote special offers and events. As Head of Product I was responsible for all conceptual and design aspects and coordinated the production in this highly agile and fast moving startup.
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Museum Barberini

If you open a brandnew museum these days like the Barberini in Postdam, you want an interactive guide (or an app) for your guests and followers. Together with MicroMovie Media we produced an state-of-the-art iOS/Android App with interactive audio tours, catalog search, background infos and everything you need, even if you are not on site.
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REWE Group

The agency Think Moto hired me as Lead UX Designer for a pitch for REWE Group. We won. As follow up I continued my work for the production phase.  Four month of intense work later the first iteration of the new and fully responsive webportal went online and is growing step by step until today.
More details coming soon


Campanda is the leading RV rental marketplace, acting in 31 countries worldwide for commercial and privat RV owners. Campanda was founded by Chris Möller in 2013 with a small but smart production team. I did the conceptual and UX Design work for the MVP and the first public release.
More details coming soon


The daily ride of a commuter is stressfull: Your train is late and you don’t know how long it takes. Probably there are musician in the tram or some nasty guys wants you to show them your ticket. Pendlr was one of three Test-MVPs I created together with a small team at Waymate aka Door2Door GmbH. I was responsible for Concept/UX Design and in charge as Art Director for the Visual Design.
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My first startup was a flash-shopping e-commerce. Monoqi is a webshop for artsy products, curated with love, based on weekly sales cycle and sometimes with stunning discounts only for members. As UX and Visual Designer I created a lot of subflows, templates, modules and service integrations to prepare the product launch and helped the product to grow in the following interations.
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The Skoove App gives its users the opportunity to learn the piano from the comfort of their own homes. It works completely cable-free, requiring only an iPad and piano or keyboard. I helped Skoove with their concept and interaction design for the first product iteration. Today 94% of Skoove’s students surveyed, reported that they would recommend the platform to their friends, after finding it enjoyable to use and effective in results.
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TUI is a travel agency selling hotels, flights, rental cars and more. In 2012 they added a new car booking flow on tui.com and I was responsible for the conceptual work and specifications. Additionally we implemented a new styleguide for the car booking process. Finally I wrote 116 pages of documentation and job-tickets. Not a ‚lean process‘, but very explicit.
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Still under construction, flyiin is a new marketplace for air travel that wants to improve the shopping experience for travellers, and the distribution experience for the airlines, based on a new API related search technology. Like always if you want to build a marketplace you need the marketeers first, so I helped flyiin to find their first pitch product concept to convince airlines to work with them. The flyiin beta will launch during the second quarter of 2017.
More details coming soon

Game of Quotes

Yes, this is the most useful app in the world. It combines random quotes with false authors. Funny? Yes or No – you decide. It's the digital version of the card game ‚Game of Quotes‘ by Marc-Uwe Kling, the author of the ‚Känguru-Trilogie‘. It's a native App for iOS/Android, created and published by MicroMovie Media. I helped them finding an interaction design concept for the App.
More details coming soon

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Felix Barthel – Curriculum Vitae
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Busy, but interested – means I am currently occupied with a job, but I am interested in upcoming opportunities. Don’t hestitate to write me a line, if you want to challenge me.

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